Prayer wheels traditionally spin clockwise. To achieve this, put the mantra on the passenger side of the car. Leave yourself at least 15 minutes to apply Hubcap Prayer Wheel so you can do it mindfully and carefully. You will need scissors, a pencil, and something to measure. You should also clean and dry your hubcap before you apply the decal.

There are many different ways to arrange the syllables on your hubcap. The photos in the green box to the right show some of the different possibilities.

Step 1

Think about how you want to space the syllables and how far from the rim you want to place them. Measure the distance and make pencil marks on each spoke to serve as guidelines for placement. If your hubcap doesn’t have spokes, you may want to mark quadrants to help you space the syllables evenly.

Step 1: Measuring

Step 2

Cut the decal into individual pieces. There are many different ways to arrange the mantra on your hubcap. The photos on this screen show some examples. Keep the image of the mantra printed on the packaging next to you as you apply the decal to your hubcap so you can see the correct order of the syllables once you’ve cut up the decal.

Step 2: Cutting

Step 3

Carefully peel off the paper backing. This will leave the sticky side of the decal exposed.

Step 3: Peel

Step 4

Press the decal, sticky side down, onto the hubcap. Align the syllables with the penciled guidelines. To avoid wrinkles, gently apply the top edge of each sticker first and then rub firmly downwards to affix the rest. Be very mindful to consistently place the top of each syllable in the same direction, either top toward the middle of the hubcap or toward the tire.

Step 4: Rub

Step 5

Slowly peel the remaining paper away, leaving the decal affixed to the hubcap. If part of the decal clings to the paper, cease peeling and rub the decal more firmly into place.

May all beings be happy and free!

Step 5: Peel Off